E1 – 超時空蛋白線收緊套裝 Protein Thread Tightening Set – 5ml x 10

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  • 原產地:法國
  • 蛋白線收緊
  • 緊緻, 提升皮膚
  • 淡化皺紋
  • 改善粗糙皮膚
  • 光澤透亮
  • 可配合儀器使用
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E1 – 超時空蛋白線收緊套裝 Protein Thread Tightening Set – 5ml x 10


功效: 純天然萃取水溶膠原蛋白,混合蛋白線能令皮膚刺激膜層收縮,緊緻皮膚收縮,提升1-2厘米,淡化細小皺紋,改善粗糙皮膚,光澤透亮,可以配合儀器使用。  





使用方法  :   打開樽蓋,把①蛋白線加入②水溶膠原蛋白然後搖勻樽身。溶解蛋白線之後,搽上面部按摩或使用導入儀器讓皮膚進行吸收。加上面膜一起使用,效果更佳。每5天使用一次,一個療程為5次。如面部過份鬆弛,建議3天使用一次,3個療程為最佳效果。    

Place of origin : France

Efficacy : Pure soluble collagen is extracted naturally from vegetable protein. By mixing protein thread, skin is stimulated to contract and tighten. It obviously lifts your skin by 1-2 cm, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pore sizesoftens skin, and brightens skin tone. It can be used with optical beauty device.               

Protein Thread                                           

Ingredients: Soluble collagen, Oat peptides, Protein extract, Hexapeptide-1.                                             

Soluble Collagen                                        

Ingredients: Water, Vegetable protein, Polyethylene glycol-10, Cyclomethicone.       

Directions  :  Put Protein Thread into Soluble Collagen. Shake well to mix fully. After Protein Thread is dissolved, massage the mixture onto the face or use beauty
device for better skin absorption. For better results, use with sheet mask.  
Generally, use once every five days. A complete cycle consists of five consecutive treatments. For loose skin, use once every three days. Complete three treatment cycles for the best outcome and visible changes.                

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